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Bike Fitting

Cycling Fitting Services

A properly fitted bike is the successful union of rider and bicycle to achieve a perfect balance of comfort, performance, and laser-accurate handling so that your riding experience is the best it can be!

Fit First: Everyone who rides a bike needs a fitting!


Whether you are a recreational rider or a seasoned pro, your equipment must fit properly for you to fully enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of riding a bike.  We all understand the importance of fit in our running shoes, ski boots, golf clubs and tennis racket grips. Because we have three points of contact with a bike: hands, feet, seat, you can triple the importance of getting the right bike setup. Fitted properly, every rider will have a better experience. Fitted poorly, most will be in pain!  The best time to have a fitting is before you purchase your new bike because you will be armed with all the information you need to make the best equipment selection. Bike fits may also be performed on your existing equipment to successfully adjust your bike to your meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Fifty West Cycling Bike Fit is a Learning Experience

Many cyclists have fallen head over heels in love with our sport without the benefit of properly fitted equipment or instruction quite common to other sports such as golf, tennis and skiing. Cycling involves a unique interaction of rider and equipment; the bike should feel like an extension of our body. Because cycling is a learned skill, we may not always choose the best position, just like we might not naturally grip a golf club properly, or carve a ski turn without being taught how to do it. Oakley Cycles has the proper tools and the training to help you get started the right way, or to improve upon your current fit. During your fitting, you will receive instruction on proper form and posture, as well as the safe use of shoe/pedal “clipless” systems, shifting gears and handling your bike.

A Bike should be Comfortable!

A comfortable position facilitates efficiency of movement and the ability to generate power and speed. The perfect fit allows the rider to easily breathe and deliver oxygen to the hard-working muscles. The rider can effectively balance, stabilize and easily handle the bike. The body is in alignment; the body and bike become one.

Our fitting system is different!

Most fitting systems apply static body measurements to a formula or computer software to come up with an “ideal position” based on averages, not unlike “ideal body weights” published by insurance firms. At Fifty West Cycling, we practice the Serotta International Cycling Institute method of fitting, which takes fitting to a more refined and accurate level. It is “rider-centric,” rather than measurement-based. Consider identical twins with identical skeletal measurements. If one twin is a fit triathlete and the other is a couch potato, is it likely that they would be comfortable or efficient in the same position?

What happens in a fitting?

Each rider brings his or her own “personal blueprint” to the bike determined by the rider’s unique history: lifestyle, goals, fitness level, body type, flexibility, range of motion, riding experience, past injuries, surgeries and current physical concerns. Consequently, our fitting process begins with a thorough interview. Next, we perform a physical assessment of range of motion and flexibility, a foot assessment, and a dynamic, on-bike positioning using our fully adjustable Serotta Size Cycle or your existing bike with adjustable fitting tools.  We begin at the foot and travel up the kinetic chain to the hands, measuring joint angles and assessing posture.  We apply sound principles of science to your unique blueprint to achieve the position which best optimizes your performance, comfort and safety. We document and save your fitting information for your convenience. We respect your privacy with regard to your fitting information.

What are some of the tools and technology we use?

New-Picture-1-300x245Our new fit studio is equipped with the state of the art, fully adjustable Computrainer- equipped Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI)  Size Cycle, as well as Dartfish video motion capture and analysis system. We have selected the Dartfish 2D Motion Analysis system, as we can analyze actual video rather than the “stick figures” used by others systems such as Retul, which is entirely dependent on proper body marker placement and shows only angles, not bodies! This allows the fitter to observe changes in posture and muscle movement in different fit positions, as well as changes in body angles via software measurement tools.  For many riders, recommended optimal body angles may just not work, depending upon the rider’s individual range of motion and flexibility.  Dartfish helps us to find the “tipping point” of each rider’s best position.

Using Dartfish technology also helps the fitter achieve a more accurate outcome than using static positions, as we can capture and analyze the cyclist in motion and under typical loads in order to make the best fit recommendations.  The fitter is also able to observe postural habits, cycling form and pedaling styles and coach the rider on how to make improvements. The rider benefits quite a bit with the visual aid of Dartfish.  If you have watched the Olympics, you have seen Dartfish in action in track and field analysis, skating, skiing- nearly every sport has been analyzed with Dartfish.  It is also commonly used in baseball, tennis, golf and soccer analysis.


Fifty West Cycling’s fitting methodology results in a  unique outcome for each rider.  We always strive to help you adapt or find the best equipment that makes your riding experience a joyful one!

Fifty West Cycling’s Fit Specialists

Kathleen Krumme

Our fitting team is led by Kathleen Krumme, former Director of the Serotta International Cycling Institute.  SICI provides fit training to bicycle dealers, coaches, medical professionals and trainers. Kathleen is an SICI Advanced Fitting Specialist with 16 years of experience fitting bikes to bodies, with a specialty in custom bike fitting and design. She has presented educational seminars for both consumers and bicycle industry insiders regarding bike fitting and custom outfitting. Kathleen has competed in amateur triathlon and Master’s road racing and enjoys mentoring new riders.

David Ariosa

David holds fitting certification from Serotta Competition Bicycles and brings his 19 years of experience in the retail bicycle industry to his fittings. David has been “in the saddle” for many years both competitively and recreationally and has a wealth of knowledge to share. David has been actively involved in Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Davis Phinney Foundation, and other cycling charity endeavors and has helped countless new cyclists successfully complete these events.

Scheduling a fitting

All of our bicycle fitting is done by appointment in order to provide you with the best possible experience. To schedule: please email

What to bring:

  • Your existing bike
  • Bike shorts
  • Shoes/pedals
  • Gloves
  • An open mind and lots of questions

Attention New Cyclists:

If you are new to cycling and do not have shorts, shoes, etc, no problem! Please let us know when you make your appointment and we will allow extra time to help you select your gear. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. If you have not yet tried a “clipless” or cleated pedal system, the fitting is a perfect opportunity to do so.

We have a fitting room available for changing clothing and a fully stocked fridge.

Comprehensive Fitting: $200.00,  90 minutes-2 hours

  • In-depth interview to determine rider blueprint (goals, history of injuries, fitness level, skill level, riding type)
  • Foot/shoe/pedal evaluation
  • Inseam and shoulder measurements
  • Flexibility and range of motion assessment of back, hip flexion and hamstrings
  • On bike fitting on your bike or the fully adjustable SICI Size Cycle following science-backed position rationale addressing all contact points (hands, feet, seat) and tailoring fit to your unique blueprint.
  • Form, posture and pedaling style observations and suggestions
  • Dartfish video analysis
  • Recommendations for best-match new equipment or recommended alterations to new or existing bike

Comprehensive Time Trial or Triathlon fitting:  $300.00, 2 hours-3 hours

Comprehensive Size Cycle fitting:  $250.00, 2 hours-3 hours

Apply fit position to additional bikes: $75.00 each

Position or add Aerobars to existing bike that has been fitted by us: $75.00

Fit check-up: (for clients who have been fitted by us no more than 18 months ago) $100.00, 60 minutes

Fits are performed by Kathy Krumme by appointment.  Kathy holds certifications in Fit, Advanced Fit, Triathlon Fit, Shoe/Pedal Interface and Motion Analysis from the Serotta International Cycling Institute. Fittings are performed at the Fifty West Cycling Studio, 7669 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227.  Kathy works independently and accepts cash, checks, Zelle, and Paypal. 

Appointments may be made by contacting Kathy: Email Kathy here

Contact us to schedule your bike fit today.